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Inside the forest lies a world of medicinal properties, free for the taking.

You knew the forest’s magic as a child. Something inside of you knows it’s still there.

This site is your resource for all things Forest Bathing  


  • Who the heck goes bathing in the forest? It’s not what you think.
  • What is forest bathing?
  • Where and when do you do it?
  • Why would anyone try it? What’s the point?
  • How do you do it?

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Forest bathing shinrin yoku guide

Hey there, I’m Jessica Collins, Founder and master trainer behind Forest Bathing Central. 

Growing up, nature was always where I wanted to be. 

Hiking, climbing trees, sleeping outside dipping my toes in creeks: I was in love with all of it…

One day, I read about the concept of shinrin-yoku in a magazine and it completely clicked with me…

That’s why I loved the forest so much!

It’s medicinal and beautiful and peaceful.

And then I realized that this is something I wanted to explore deeper and teach.

I couldn’t find much out there on the internet about forest bathing, especially not as a personal practice, so I decided to create one!

I’ve taken everything I know about forest bathing and wrapped it up in this pretty little website so you can uplevel your own practice!

I live in rural WI with my two little treehuggers and big bear-huggin’ husband. I also run FlashFit Trainer and my own freelance writing business.

You can also find me on: