A comprehensive forest bathing resource

library to help you spend meaningful time in nature



Hey you!


You’re a kindred spirit who loves spending time in nature.




  • You’re surrounded by fluorescent lighting during the day and all sorts of synthetic materials at home.
  • You know there’s something about the sun and the grass and the trees that just call to you. You can sense their reverberations no matter how deep into the drywall you sit.
  • Knowing what’s out there makes you resent the walls and insulation between you and the raw world out there.
  • You feel it when you’re sitting in the office, waiting for clock-out time.


You just want to be outside.


Everything about nature draws you in, ever since you were a kid. Some of your best memories come from being outside.

You want that windows open, barefoot, full expression of nature you enjoyed as a kid.

You know there’s just “something about it.” Something about nature that magnetizes you.

You wish you could take that deeper.

And you wish the time you spent in nature was more … meaningful.

You want to get more out of it. Be more intentional about it.

But you find yourself putting it off for more “important” things. You don’t get out there as much as you’d like to…

Maybe you’ve even heard about this whole shinrin-yoku, forest bathing thing and you want to know what it’s all about.

Or you already practice it, but you’d like to deepen your existing practice.


Well then, you’re in the right place!

We’re so excited to finally share our full forest bathing program with you!


It’s going to finally explain the who, what, where, when, why, and how of forest bathing, and then some!


But more than that, this program is going to make spending time in the forest so much fun, so meaningful, and so fulfilling.


Forest bathing isn’t just a nice thing to try…

Well, it is, but …


Hard science is showing us just how good it is for the body, mind, and soul!

  • It hones your intuition.
  • It allows you to decompress in a profound way.
  • It makes you feel better and more alive!


Deep breathing relieves stress.

Deep breathing in the forest while doing grounding work relieves stress in a more profound, lasting way.


This immersion program truly encapsulates that feeling when you open that first window in spring, when you drive with the windows down, when you touch your bare feet to the grass. (Can you feel that?)

Okay, wait, I know what a few of you are thinking already…


Do you have to take your clothes off? And actually bathe in the forest?

No, no no! Not at all. It’s just about soaking up the essence of the forest.

It’s a little bit “out there,” but not so “out there” that it’s offputting. It’s super approachable.


Forest bathing isn’t just about sitting around idly in a forest or taking a hike either….

The practice set forth by this here Immersion Program gives you a set intention each time you go out into nature. Each one has a special message and encourages a different experience.


So each time you head out into the forest, it’s like a new adventure!

So, what exactly is the Forest Bathing Immersion Program?


The immersion program is a full library of forest bathing exercises that you can use to spend meaningful time in the forest. Each exercise gives you a specific intention while you’re out in the forest, so you get a different experience every time.


Each guided exercise comes with a printable PDF including

  • A full explanation
  • A reflective verse
  • A pocket version
  • A journaling page…

…just like you see in the free starter guide!


I’ve put a lot of time and attention into each and every one of these exercises and practiced them many times myself.


This program thrills me because I just love being in nature, and I know it doesn’t have to be boring! It can be a learning experience every time, an opportunity to hone your intuition and decompress. It’s fun! It’s enlightening! It’s beautiful! It’s enriching!


I want to share the wonders of nature with you. You can learn so much there and it can transform you.


John Muir, Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson knew where it was at!

The Juicy Details

What do you get with the Forest Bathing Immersion Program?


Comprehensive Forest Bathing Immersion Guide pdf

Nature Journaling Guide


33+ Guided Forest Bathing Exercises 

Comprehensive Forest Bathing Field Guide

Get the backstory on forest bathing. Learn the strategy behind it. Figure out how and why to do it. You’ll also learn how to use the exercises and get the most out of them.

  • Where are the best places to go?
  • How exactly do you forest bathe?
  • How to use the guide.
  • What you need to get started.

Accompanying nature journaling guide

Meaningful journaling prompts to help you get more out of your practice.

This ain’t yo’ grandma’s attic diary, yo. It’s a grown-up discovery adventure with true purpose. Nature journaling will help you up-level your shinrin-yoku practice by a lot!

33+ forest bathing exercises

Most of them require a tree;)

Each exercise comes with:

  • A reflection verse to help you dig deeper into the exercise
  • A short explanation and backstory about the exercise
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform the exercise
  • Pocket-sized field guide you can cut up and take with you
  • Portable journaling card

Bonus Access to our Forest Bathing Central Facebook Group

You’ll have access to me for questions

I’ll be going Live in the group regularly to discuss nature topics such as

  • Forest bathing with children
  • How to train yourself to be a backyard naturalist
  • How to prepare yourself for forest bathing


There are no other forest bathing forums out there.
This is where the discussion starts.
Our own kindred little forest bathing family.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside….

how to forest bathe exercises

where go forest bathing

forest bathing invitation

complete forest bathing library

Inside the Forest Bathing Immersion Program, you get the 33 exercises shown above.


When you click on one of those exercises shown above, you’ll be taken to a 3-page PDF download.

  • The first two pages are a full breakdown and explanation of the exercise.
  • The third page includes the pocket-sized version of the exercise and the journal card.


If you’ve downloaded our starter guide, then you already have a good idea what these look like.


Once you purchase, you get access to these downloads for life!

If you’re interested in forest bathing, then this is

the everything-guide you need!


-You don’t need to hire a forest bathing guide.

-You don’t need to put yourself through a forest bathing certification program.

-You don’t need to hug a tree while others are watching.


You can start today, under a tree in your backyard, alone!

The most quality alone time you’ll ever spend.


Uh, this is called hiking, tyvm. Why would you call it anything different?

I get it. You’re not convinced there’s a difference between forest bathing and hiking in the woods. In my experience, the two are completely unrelated. Forest bathing is like nothing I’ve ever done before, especially hiking. For one, hiking revolves around a destination and a speed related to getting there. Forest bathing has no particular destination and it’s more about meandering or sitting than fitness. While hiking, you probably only vaguely notice what’s happening around you. During forest bathing, you’re acutely aware.

Isn’t this just some pretentious hipster millennial pretend play that you’re trying to make a “thing”?

Well, I don’t think there were any hipster millennials in 1980s Japan, hehe. Even if there were, it’s still enlightening, a thrill, isn’t it? Shinrin-yoku was a thing before I was born. The Japanese get all the credit, not the hipsters. It’s not really about classification anyhow. It’s an experience that many more people are starting to enjoy. If it’s not your thing, that’s okay. You can guiltlessly click away.

Also, numerous studies show the real inarguable physical and mental benefits of forest bathing. Shinrin-yoku is based cold hard fact, not pretension. We compiled an entire resource about the science behind nature and forest bathing.

I’m a Christian. Is this program in conflict with my faith?

No! This program is not religious at all, but it certainly doesn’t go against Christian values. I’m a Christian myself, so I would never knowingly mislead anyone. This is simply a nature appreciation program. There is no worship of trees or belief in faeries here. No worries, it’s not pagan.

Also, if you’re interested, we’re in the process of creating a Christian nature experience program to help you dig deeper into your faith while you enjoy the company of God’s living world. Stay tuned!

Do I need any equipment for this?

Nope. Not even shoes are required. And I would discourage more than the bare necessities anyhow. You just need an available space in nature.

I live in the city. I probably can’t do this then, right?

Nope! Most of these exercises can be done in a park or in a patch of trees, if you don’t have access to an actual forest. The best experiences happen in the actual wilderness, true. But, you can do this in the city. In fact, city-dwellers probably need this practice more than anyone!

What do I do when I’m done?

Keep practicing. Keep sharing in the group. Keep an eye out for more on the blog and inside the program. You never know what we might cook up over there.

Other sites recommend hiring a guide to go forest bathing? How come you don’t?

You can forest bathe alone. Who ever decided you couldn’t?

I actually think there are some benefits of doing it alone. You can be completely uninhibited. If you’re an introvert like me, you can appreciate spending time alone. If you go with a group, you might not always get the full experience since you’re aware that others can see what you’re doing.

There are some benefits to having a guide, sure. If a guide suits you, go for it. I wanted to make this as accessible as possible, guide or no. And you don’t need any outside resources to go forest bathing. Not even this program.

Can kids do this too?

Heck yeah! I do these with my own kidlets all the time! This is a really great way to cultivate that sense of appreciation for nature in your kids. It’s also a great way to spend meaningful time with them, in nature, at the same time! Bring ’em along! You might need to guide them and keep them out of the poison ivy, but you already know that.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this program and low cost, no refunds can be issued. The exercises in this program are just like the ones in the starter guide. If you enjoyed those, you’ll LOVE these!

The Immersion Guide itself is much more in depth than the starter guide. Hopefully that gives you a better idea of what you’re getting. If you are still unsure about anything or want more information before purchasing, go ahead and email me at JessicaM(dot)Collins(at)hotmail(dot)com and I’ll help clear anything up that I can.

The Investment:

We are so excited to be able to offer this program at the affordable price of $69.97.

That’s around $2 per exercise, and I can assure you, each exercise is far more valuable than $2!


Get It NOW!



Okay, I just had the idea to make this a little more fun. So, I’m adding a bonus.

The first 10 people to sign up get a free in-depth, one-on-one forest bathing email consultation with me. We’ll go over anything you’re stuck on, any questions you have, or any other cool nature-y thing you’d like to talk to me about.

We can also talk about your dog, children, or job if you’d like too. But nature bathing is one of my favorite subjects to talk about!

From my roots to yours,




P.S. If you have any further questions, hit me up at JessicaM(dot)Collins(at)hotmail(dot)com or fill out the contact form below.

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